It can be difficult when you’ve received your band new curling wand to know how to use it safely. If you want to know how to use a curling wand, read below!

If you’re tired of the twists and solid lines that using a curling iron with a clamp can produce, try using a curling wand! These fantastic heated tools work to crinkle your hair without clipping it in place, developing smooth, full, spirals. Learning how to use a curling wand can be difficult, as can making the shift to a curling wand from a regular curling iron. But with a bit of technique you’ll have it mastered in no time!

Pick your curling wand.

Curling wands are vastly different. The dimensions of your curling wand will completely change the result of your curls. You also have to consider if you want a tapered curling wand (For spiral like curls) or a curling wand with a consistent width.

For smaller sized curls, select a curling wand that has a barrel width of 1 inch or smaller. Larger, puffier curls can be made by a barrel width greater than 1 inch.

Be careful to choose a wand that is made of the right materials; ceramic or tourmaline are usually regarded as the top quality materials and are the safest for you hair.

Select your heat settings.

When learning how to use a curling wand, the heat settings can be challenging. You of course don’t want to burn your hair, but you also want it curled. The majority of curling wands included a dial or button that enables you to readjust the temperature. You’ll usually have the choice of ‘high-medium-low’ or an actual temperature level setting. Modification this to meet the demands of your hair, keeping in mind that the higher the heat setting, the more damaging it can be to your hair.

Prep your hair.

Brush your dry hair to totally get rid of any tangles and break up any knotted strands. Use a top quality heat defence spray and also brush throughout hair to mix it in. Make use of a large hairpin to pin your hair to the top of your head in areas; typically working in three large areas from the bottom to the top of your head works the best. Brush out the sectioned hair to make certain all random strands are gathered.

Turn the wand on and allow it to pre-heat.

Wait for your curling wand to heat up properly and you will certainly get a better, longer lasting curl. Give your wand in between 2-4 minutes to heat to the preferred temperature rather than trying to use it as soon as it’s plugged in.

Wear your heat resistant glove.

If your learning how to use a curling wand, then you should take some safety precautions as a novice. As a precautionary measure, many curling wands come with a heat protective glove. Since there is no clamp on a curling wand, you need to use your fingers to hold the hair in place. Put the glove on the hand you intend to use to cover your hair around the wand.

Gather little sections of your hair.

Using a brush, gather all the loose strands of hair and split your hair into sections. This makes it much easier to work with just part of the hair, have it styled, then move onto the next parts. Most women split the hair into 4 sections, but 6 can make it even more manageable.

Cover the hair around the barrel.

Hold your hair at the end of the strands, and wrap it around the barrel, beginning at the base of the hair. Make sure that you curl your hair far from your face.

Wait a couple of seconds.

Curling wands work faster than common curling irons and usually need just a few secs. Hold your hair to the wandfor 2-5 secs, exceeding no greater than 10 seconds if you have really thick hair.

Allow the hair to cool.

To lock in the curls, hold your hair in a spiral shape after removing it from the wand while it cools down. You could additionally use a bobby-pin to hold them in place to cool down as you style the rest of your hair.

Continue curling your hair.

Repeat the above process, working around the entire head. When necessary, let down areas of hair to cool down.

Complete the style.

Once you have styled all of your hair, you’ll be left with an amazing styled looking head of spirals. Lock this in by lightly misting your hair with hairspray.


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